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Self Quizzing

What is Self Quizzing?

Self-quizzing, also known as self-testing or retrieval practice, is a learning strategy where individuals actively test their own knowledge on a particular subject or topic. Instead of simply reviewing notes or re-reading materials, self-quizzing involves actively recalling information from memory. This process helps reinforce learning and improve long-term retention.

The idea behind self-quizzing is based on the concept of retrieval practice, which suggests that actively recalling information from memory enhances learning and memory retention. When you engage in self-quizzing, you force your brain to retrieve information, strengthening the neural pathways associated with that knowledge.
Self-quizzing can take various forms, such as creating flashcards, answering questions from a textbook, or taking practice quizzes. It is a valuable study technique that can be used for various subjects and academic levels. Research has shown that incorporating self-quizzing into your study routine can lead to better understanding, improved retention of information, and enhanced performance on exams.

What do pupils need, to carry out self-quizzing?

1. Self- quizzing folder
2. Self-quizzing book
3. Writing pen (black/blue)
4. Checking Pen (any other colour, ideally purple)
5. Knowledge Organiser’s
6. Ruler



self quizzing faq v2.pdf