Q3 Academy Tipton

Q3 Academy

House System

At Q3 Academy Tipton, we run a House system and its going to really take off this year! All students belong to a House and this is shown in their Tutor Group name (i.e. A – Arts, C – Communications, D – Discovery, L – Lifestyle and S – Social Design).

Competition across the Houses is encouraged and currently there are several whole school cups and trophies:

  • Attendance Cup
  • Attainment Trophy (net Q-Points)
  • Sports Day Cup

Your House Director will meet you at regular points during the year and support you to achieve your very best with us; the directly equip you with the skills to live life to the full!

Arts House

Ms C Bullas is Director of Arts House and she is supported by House mascot Leonardo diPinchi!

Email Mr Fellows

Communications House

Ms C Grainger is Director of Communications House and she is supported by Le Bron!

Email Ms Grainger

Discovery House

Mr R Smith is Director of Discovery House, and he is supported by mascot Oreo.

Email Mr Smith

Lifestyle House

Mr S Fletcher is the Director of Lifestyle House and he is supported by Lupin the wolf! 

Email Mr Fletcher

Social Design House

Ms S Moyle is Director of Social Design House. She is supported by Pickle the frog.

Email Ms Moyle