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   Academy Uniform

Q3 Academies currently has a blue pinstriped Business Dress in each of its Academies. From September 2020, each Academy will be starting a process of transition to a more affordable plain navy ‘Banner’ blazer, trousers and skirt. Our new Year 7, September 2020 intake will be expected to purchase the new navy Business Dress. We will allow students in Years 8-10 to wear a mix of the pinstripe and navy Business Dress until they need the next size. Year 11, can wear either their existing black Q3 logoed uniform or the new navy ‘Banner’ Business Dress.

Uniform items can be purchased individually or as a package from our approved suppliers:

The School Uniform Merchant
127 High St
Tel: 0121 520 3120


All students Years 7 to 11 must wear full and appropriate uniform, or business wear, to the Academy every day and not to do so is a sanctionable offence, even if authorised by parents or carers. Our uniform is gender neutral and students may select from the choices below.

Q3 Academy Tipton business wear comprises:

  • Navy blue ‘Banner’ blazer with the Q3 logo;
  • Plain navy tailored ‘ Banner’ trousers (not tight at the ankle, not skinny-fit, denim or leggings style) or a knee- length plain navy ‘Banner’ skirt;
  • White shirt with a collar;
  • Q3 silver tie or cravat;
  • Lanyard with ID badge;
  • EITHER black or navy socks (ankle or knee length with no frills or patterns) OR black, navy or opaque/flesh coloured tights;
  • Black shoes (no trainers, canvas, sandals or branded);
  • A suitable school bag – A4 size (21cm x 30cm) or larger (such as a rucksack) – may be any colour.

Optional items:

  • Plain navy V-neck sweater with the Q3 logo;
  • Plain coat with no logos (not to be worn inside classrooms);
  • Headscarf, durag or hijab – must be plain black or


Prohibited Clothing Items

The following items are not permitted to be worn on the Academy site:

  • Hoodies or tracksuit tops – not even as outdoor wear;
  • Denim, including trousers and jackets in any colour;
  • Gang colours or tags;
  • Skirts or trousers that are not the same colour/shade and fabric as ‘Banner’ uniform.


Black and low-heel; material must be able to be polished (so no canvas, suede or velvet). These should be worn at all times with the student’s Business Dress. Students must wear their shoes to and from the Academy at all times when in Business Dress.

There can be many interpretations of “school shoes” and many shops label unsuitable products as “school shoes.” Please, do not waste your money, avoid fashion items and buy simple shoes. With regard to appropriate shoes, the Head of School’s decision is final in all situations.


Wearing jewellery is not encouraged and as it is not part of our uniform if it is brought into the Academy it remains students’ responsibility at all times. Only the following is permitted:

  • One small (no wider than 5mm) pair of plain gold or silver studs, one in each earlobe only;
  • No other piercings are allowed including nose piercings, tongue or lip piercings or ear spacers; this includes “clear” or “invisible” piercings.
  • Rings, bracelets and necklaces are not to be worn for health and safety reasons;
  • Any extra jewellery will be confiscated for one week.


Hair should be of a natural colour; brightly coloured hair dyes and totally shaved, decorated scalps or extreme   styles are unacceptable. Deviations to the agreed policy hairstyle may result in students being educated separately from their peers whilst it grows out.



Students are not permitted to wear make-up at the Academy, including eyelash extensions or false eyelashes. Students wearing make-up will be asked to  remove it using make-up wipes.



Students must not wear any nail varnish or have nail extensions. Students will be asked to remove colour or nails and if unable to do so may result in students being educated separately from their peers until corrected.

Sports Kit

The following items are compulsory sportswear for Years 7 to 11 – these must be ordered online OR via the MACRON stall during Parents’ Evenings. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

  • 1 Navy Blue Tracksuit (with Q3 motif)
  • 1 Pair of Navy Blue Shorts (with Q3 motif)
  • 1 Navy Blue round neck Shirt (with Q3 motif)
  • 1 Pair of Navy Blue Long Sports Socks
  • suitable trainers for PE – can be purchased anywhere


All students may wear Q3 sports kit to the Academy on the day they have PE lessons; no other kit is permitted. Please bear in mind that lessons take place outside even if it rains and so students should bring uniform to change into if needed.

As with all things, the Q3 Academies philosophy with regards to uniform and appearance is that we are preparing our students for the world of work. In all matters relating to Business Wear, the Head of School’s decision is final.

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