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Speak UP

Speak UP

Speak Up is an online form, that will be sent directly to the Safeguarding Team.  Press this if you are worried and feel unsafe,. Aswell as during school time, the speak up button is also available during evenings, weekends and holidays.

Once you have submitted the form a member of staff will get in contact with you to make sure you are ok and find out how they can help you.

Mr Hamilton
Vice Principal
Mrs Richards
Senior Welfare Manager
Mr Cavell
Welfare Coordinator

Mr Philips
Director of Year 7
Mr Seward
Year 7 Manager
Mr Fletcher
Director of Year 8
Ms Stevens
Year 8 Manager
Mrs Grainger
Director of Year 9
Mrs Poonia
Year 9 Manager
Mrs Bullas
Director of Year 10
Miss Kumari
Year 10 Manager
Miss Warmer
Director of Year 11
Mr Turpin
Year 11 Manager





External Agencies

Are you being bullied?

Childline |Bullying, Abuse & Safety:

Childline | Discrimination & Equal Opportunities:

Safety Centre: Most up to date information to keep yourself safe on line:

Are you feeling down? Do you need some help or advice?

Kooth – Free, safe online support for young children

Beam – Emotional Health & wellbeing service

Students Against Depression – support for feeling low and anxious

Childline – you and your body

Childline – divorce & separation

Childline – self harm

What is radicalisation?

Radicalisation is when someone starts to believe or support extreme views, and in some cases, then participates in terrorist groups or acts. It can be motivated by a range of factors, including ideologies, religious beliefs, political beliefs and prejudices against particular groups of people.

You can find more information here:


Relationships can make you feel amazing butt hey can also leave you feeling stressed out and confused.  If you worried about anything to do with friendships, relationships or family you can find some advice and guidance here.

Childline – Friends, Relationship & sex

Freedom charity – forced marriages

Childline – family relationships

Need advice or help about online issues?

Think U Know – Online Sexual Abuse advice

Internet matters – keeping safe online

NSPCC – Share Aware

Childline – online grooming

CEOP – Child Exploitation Online Protection

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