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Our Curriculum

To view Q3 Academies Curriculum Policy, please visit the Q3 Academies Trust Policies and Documents page.

We organise our academy year into four curriculum cycles, each lasting nine weeks.

In Years 7 and 8 all students follow a curriculum that includes English, Maths, Science, French, History, Geography and Core PE. In addition Hori7on is part of the curriculum – in one cycle Religious Studies is taught, moving onto Art in the next cycle, then Performing Arts (Music and Drama) and finally Design Technology.

Year 9 is still part of the Key Stage 3 curriculum but students are able to choose mini-pathways to provide “tasters” of what to expect in Key Stage 4. All students will continue to study English, Maths, Science and Core PE. Students will then choose six subjects to try and they will three of those subjects during Cycle 1 and 3; the other three subjects during Cycle 2 and 4. During Year 9 students will then choose their Key Stage 4 optional subjects – usually just three.

Art Company Curriculum (Maths and Computing)

Communications Company Curriculum (English, Media and Languages)

Discovery Company Curriculum (Science and Design Technology)

Lifestyle Company Curriculum (Creative Arts, PE and Vocational)

Social Design Company Curriculum (Humanities and Social Sciences)

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