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Music Tuition

The music department offers students many different pathways into performing, composing and appraising music. During Year 7 all students will have the exciting opportunity to learn an orchestral instrument, such as brass or woodwind – for free – performing at the end of their hori7on cycle. As well as this, students also have the opportunity to develop their musical knowledge and skills on instruments such as guitars, singing, keyboards, ukuleles and even drums. The students work collaboratively and understand the importance of working together as musicians.

Students wishing to continue their studies of brass and woodwind can do so with the specialist tutors that visit the school every week.

All music students develop their skills in whichever instrument they wish to pursue during both lesson time and after school enrichment clubs such as guitar lessons and choir sessions. It is during the enrichment time that the department aim to work with external agencies to improve students’ abilities and confidence. We are currently working with the Welsh National Opera who are developing our students’ knowledge of the genre and working with vocalists, and the RAF military band who are delivering a workshop to our young musicians.

At Q3 Academy Tipton, we currently offer brass and woodwind lessons which are usually 20 minutes long. There is a cost for this tuition and if you are interested, please contact Mr Fellows (details below). We also offer FREE brass and woodwind tuition as part of the Hori7on curriculum. These lessons are delivered by Sandwell Music Service.

After school enrichment

  • Tuesday – Year 11 intervention (rehearsal rooms are available for students to work independently)
  • Wednesday – Beginner brass band (rehearsal rooms are available for students to work independently)
  • Thursday – Opera sessions run by the Welsh National Opera Society. This runs every two weeks and alternates with a guitar club on the opposite two weeks rota.
  • Friday – School band (rehearsal rooms are available for students to work independently)

Please contact Mr Fellows at

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