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Key Stage 4 & 5 Results

Due to exam results being awarded differently over the past two years, the information included on this page is in relation to the 2018-2019 data.

Key Stage 4

Progress 8: -0.82

% entering ebacc: 30%

% in education and employment: 93%

% 5+ in eng and maths: 12%

Attainment 8: 35.4


Key Stage 5

Progress, attainment and retention

A level progress  -0.2

A level attainment average result: D points: 20.46

A level retention 85.7%

Academic progress -0.2

Academic attainment average result: D points: 20.46

Academic retention 85.7%

Applied general progress 0.08

Applied general attainment average result: Merit+ points: 27.10

Applied general retention 100%

Tech levels progress -0.18

Tech levels attainment average result: Merit points: 23.82

Tech levels retention 75%


English and maths progress

English average progress 0.98

Maths average progress 0.60



Students progressing to education or employment 82%

Students progressing to higher education or training 67%


Performance Tables


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