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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

To view Q3 Academies Curriculum Policy, please visit the Q3 Academies Trust Policies and Documents page.

Our curriculum is ambitious, inclusive and knowledge rich which will enable students' to become well-rounded citizens who are prepared for life.

We organise our academy year into four curriculum cycles, each lasting nine weeks.

In Years 7 and 8 all students follow a curriculum that includes English, Maths, Science, French, History, Geography and Core PE. In addition Hori7on is part of the curriculum – in one cycle Religious Studies is taught, moving onto Art in the next cycle, then Performing Arts (Music and Drama) and finally ICT and Design & Food Technology.

Year 9 is still part of the Key Stage 3 curriculum but students are able to choose mini-pathways to provide “tasters” of what to expect in Key Stage 4. All students will continue to study English, Maths, Science and Core PE. Students will then choose six subjects to try and they will three of those subjects during Cycle 1 and 3; the other three subjects during Cycle 2 and 4.

During Year 9 students will then choose their Key Stage 4 optional subjects – usually just three.

We offer a range of Level 2 and Level 3 courses in our Inclusive Sixth Form, including A Levels and BTECs.

For details on what is taught please click to see our Curriculum Big Pictures.

Arts Company Curriculum (Maths and Computing)

Communications Company Curriculum (English, Media and Languages)

Discovery Company Curriculum (Science and Design Technology)

Lifestyle Company Curriculum (Creative Arts, PE and Vocational)

Social Design Company Curriculum (Humanities and Social Sciences)

Life Lessons (PSHCE)

Mr. Lees, Company Director.

In the Arts company we believe that every student should have the opportunity to learn essential skills in Mathematics and Computing as a key part of developing the whole child. Our student centered approach to Teaching and Learning enables students from any starting point to make progress towards their individual goals. Students in our Company will be challenged consistently to be the best they can be whilst also being given enriching opportunities to explore our subjects beyond the scope of the National Curriculum.

Introduction to Maths by Mr. Griffiths, Leader of KS3 Mathematics

The Mathematics curriculum is designed to give a broad and diverse experience of Mathematical topics from areas of Number, Algebra, Shape and Measure, Statistics and Probability. Across Key Stage 3 and 4, students will study units linked via a ‘Big Picture’, allowing students to explore the big links between topics and everyday life. We give all students the opportunity to learn and develop logical thinking, fluency and problem solving skills, whilst promoting engagement and an enjoyment for Mathematics. Students will experience Mathematics in real-life contexts and consider how it fits into a range of careers and academic disciplines.

Introduction to ICT & Computing by Mr. Miah, Assistant Company Director

The Q3 Academy Tipton ICT and Computing curriculum is designed to provide a broad and diverse experience of ICT and Computing topics to ensure that students are developing specific and functional skills needed to be successful in the future. 

ICT and Computing is about computational thinking, interface design, data analysis, machine learning, cyber-security, networking, and robotics. By learning ICT and Computing, it will help students to develop their understanding of creativity, problem-solving, ethics and collaboration. These skills are valuable for every career in all economies.

Miss McDonald, Company Director

Hello! Salut! The Communication Company encompasses English and Modern Foreign Languages. Together, we have one joint goal: to prepare our students to participate fully in life as global citizens. We seek to expose students to new experiences and cultures through an ambitious and inclusive curriculum. As a company, we firmly believe that study of languages furthers students’ knowledge and learning in all aspects of the curriculum. Language shapes all aspects of our lives; we want all Q3 Tipton students to leave with the ability to use language to shape the futures that they want and deserve.

Introduction to French by Ms. Williams, Assistant Company Director

French at Q3 Tipton is an exciting opportunity for students to have a personal experience of our motto: “to discover a world outside of my own and do more than I thought possible ”. Our pupils gain confidence in communicating about themes which have been carefully crafted out to enthuse them. “Zombie apocalypse” in cycle 4 for year 7 has proven to be a firm favourite! We continue to build competences in 4 skills in KS4, following the Edexcel syllabus.

Mr. Singh, Company Director

At Q3 Academy Tipton, the Discovery Company aims to educate and enthuse all students about the essential STEM subjects. Virtually all aspects of our daily lives and many careers are influenced in some way by Science and Technology. We help students to understand this and to develop their skills to apply Science and Technology to their everyday lives. We encourage students to improve their critical skills so they can decide whether information they read in the news or online is accurate. We also prepare those students who want to move onto the next stage of their studies at sixth form and university.

Introduction to Science by Mr. Smith, Assistant Company Director

Welcome to Science at Q3 Academy Tipton.  Our aim is to ‘show you what you are made of’, through quality Science education.  The staff are committed to ensuring that pupils enjoy Science through a practical based approach that fosters curiosity, enquiry and problem solving.  The development of analytical skills through fun and relevant practical work encourages pupils to question the world around them and gives them a firm foundation to study the Sciences at a higher level.  The skills that pupils learn in Science are not only beneficial within the subject, but also across the curriculum and indeed, for the rest of the pupils life.

Introduction to Design & Food Technology by Mrs. Harper, Assistant Company Director

Design and Technology and Hospitality and Catering aim to inspire innovation through creativity. We empower creativity by giving students the capacity to manage and control risks within a practical environment. Pupils at Q3 Tipton are able to work safely with a range of tools, materials, ingredients and technology to enhance their own vision for designing and making products that solve real and relevant problems ensuring cultural capital in a variety of contexts. Students are given the opportunity to develop life skills like, planning and cooking healthy dishes, problem solving, evaluating, and developing technical expertise to understand the impact on everyday life.

Mr. Phillips, Company Director

In the Lifestyle company we believe in delivering a diverse and challenging curriculum that not only engages students academically, but develops lifelong skills and awareness of careers within a wide range of industries. The Lifestyle company is made up of four departments; PE and Sport, Vocational Studies, Visual Arts and Performing Arts. Within each department there are a range of courses and qualifications developed around  a student centered approach. We pride ourselves on the career aspirations developed through a range of BTEC qualifications and the creative opportunities.

Introduction to PE by Mr. Blackham, Subject Leader: PE (Core & Optional PE)

Our high quality Physical Education curriculum aims to motivate all students to succeed and excel in a range of competitive sports and activities. This will be delivered alongside the development of student knowledge in the theoretical topics related to how the body works and the key contributing factors to develop and maintain fitness as part of an active healthy lifestyle. We want our learners to articulate and demonstrate the core values of PE and sport and use these values to in education and/or employment. As a result of engaging in our curriculum we hope to promote a love of sport and physical activity so that our learners become lifelong participants.

Introduction to Visual Arts by Ms. Thomas, Subject Leader: Visual Arts (Art, Textiles & Photography)

Welcome to the Q3 Tipton Art Department! Our curriculum inspires students to explore their creativity, and to become imaginative, confident, and highly skilled ‘artists’. Each student will develop a knowledge of skills and techniques, where they are encouraged to find and develop their own artistic style. Our staff have a wealth of skills and specialisms ranging from Fine Art, Illustration, Textiles, Printing and Photography. We embed these skills throughout our projects to ensure a varied curriculum, and lay foundations for future studies.

Introduction to Performing Arts by Mr. Fellows, Subject Leader: Performing Arts (Music & Drama)

At Q3 Academy Tipton, the intention is that students gain a firm understanding of what Performing Arts is through exploration, creating, evaluating and analysing across a wide variety of styles, traditions, and genres. Our objective is to develop a curiosity for the subject and build on previous knowledge and skills. Students will gain an understanding and acceptance of the validity and importance of all types of Performing Arts. Students are able to express themselves and build confidence to become who they are with an unbiased respect for the role that the arts can play in any person’s life.

Introduction to Performing Arts by Ms. Garbett, Subject Leader: Vocational Studies

At Q3 Academy Tipton, our intention across all of our vocational courses within both KS4/ KS5 is to prepare our students for the outside world and to give them the opportunity to develop key skills that can be utilized in further education and working environments. Our curriculum allows students to broaden their understanding of key vocational industries and will help to build their knowledge of business enterprise, travel and tourism sectors, and both health and child care settings. All of which assist our students in confidently applying theory and work based skills to support with the transition through education and with their choice of career pathway

Ms. Whitehouse, Company Director

Welcome to the Social Design Company! We have a wide range of subjects that we offer our students; at Key Stage 3 you will study Humanities and RS, at Key Stage 4 you can choose from History, Geography, Sociology, RS and Psychology – all of these subjects and more are offered as A Levels at our fantastic sixth form. We cover a wide variety of topics that aim to teach our students all about the natural world around them as well as the people and societal changes that have impacted us over the centuries. We look forward to accompanying you on your journey with us.

Introduction to Humanities & History by Ms. Jones, Assistant Company Director

In Years 7 and 8 students will study Humanities – a thematic and inclusive approach to History, Geography and the Social Sciences with strong links to our local community. We aim to make students well rounded citizens who are articulate, morally responsible and who are prepared for both the demands of Key Stage 4 and the wider world. We believe that the students of Tipton are the leaders of tomorrow – and with a strong curriculum, engaging projects and extracurricular opportunities in Humanities we have no doubt they will succeed!

History is one of the most popular subjects at Q3 Tipton and we are proud to offer a robust curriculum as well as opportunities for further studies and learning outside the classroom. We follow an Edexcel pathway through Key Stages 4 and 5, studying the Anglo-Saxons and Normans, Crime and Punishment, the American West and Weimar and Nazi Germany at GCSE. Students then continue their studies of Germany from 1918-1989, Mussolini’s Italy, and the Tudor period at A-Level; as well as an independent study in to the Holocaust.  We truly believe that History is one of the most important things a student can study. After all – if you don’t learn from history, are you destined to repeat it?

Introduction to Geography by Mr. Bird, Subject Leader: Geography

GCSE geography courses are a good mix of topics such as urban issues, world development, extreme environments, rivers, and hazards – to name but a few. The course will give you the chance to get to grips with some of the big issues which affect our world, and understand the social, economic and physical forces and processes which shape and change our world. GCSE geography is designed to allow a large number of topics to be studied and to provide an insight into a variety of the most important and relevant geographical issues. This diversity also allows all students to find topics they are interested and engaged in.

A Level geography offers a selection of new, interesting topics not covered at GCSE level, and allows you to go into greater depth in some key elements previously studied. It covers both the physical and human environments and the complex interaction of processes that shape our world. It will also, importantly, show the applied side of the subject – how human intervention affects the environment and how people adapt and mitigate the effects of processes on their environment. There is plenty of room for discussion and extended research, which will help you become an independent thinker and learner. By the time you get to your exams, you will be able to show your understanding of a range of opinions and be able to illustrate your answers with case studies from local, national and international examples.

Introduction to Sociology, Psychology & Religious Studies by Ms. Whitehouse, Company Director

Welcome to Sociology! This fascinating subject teaches you all about the way in which the infrastructures in our society impact us as individuals as well as how we can impact society. You will learn about the roles and significance of the media, of families, of education and of crime & deviance. Our subject has excellent cross-curricular ties to History, RS and Psychology (and more!). Our aim is to help ensure our students are able to understand and be prepared for the society they are joining as adults.

Psychology is the study of the human and animal mind and behavior. It is a highly popular and rapidly growing subject at KS4 and A Level. During the course of your studies you will look at how and why humans remember or forget information, how we act in social groups and why and the methodology of research. These are just a few of the many fascinating areas of human behaviour that you will discover as you do go on your journey with us. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Religious studies is an opportunity to explore many fascinating topics and debates as well as learning about major world religions. Throughout key stages 3 and 4 you will cover: the existence of suffering, religion in the media, good and evil, relationships, life and death, Christian beliefs and practices, Buddhism and much more. We encourage discussion and debate on many key topics and issues that are central to society today, including human and animal rights as well as medical ethics. This diverse subject allows many cross-curricular ties that will support our students in wherever their learning journey may take them.

Mr. Green, Subject Leader

Our Life Lessons curriculum is designed to develop the knowledge; skills and attributes pupils will need to manage their lives, now and in the future. These skills will support them in living in the wider world; maintaining healthy relationships and sexual health; have an awareness and support their mental health and wellbeing; and manage their personal finance while getting ready for the world of work. 


Curriculum Cycle 2 Big Pictures & Knowledge Organisers

Arts Company 

Maths Big Pictures

Y7 CC2 Maths BPa

Y7 CC2 Maths BPb

Y8 CC2 Maths BPa

Y8 CC2 Maths BPb

Y9 CC2 Maths Foundation BP

Y9 CC2 Maths Higher BP

Y10 CC2 Maths Foundation BP

Y10 CC2 Maths Higher BP


ICT Big Pictures


Y11 CC2 Computing BP


Y10 CC2 Computing BP


Maths Knowledge Organisers

Y10 CC2a Maths Higher KO

Y10 CC2b Maths Foundation KO

Y10 CC2b Maths Higher KO

Y7 CC2 Maths KOa

Y7 Cc2 Maths KOb

Y8 CC2 Maths KOa

Y8 CC2 Maths KOb

Y9 CC2a Maths Foundation KO

Y9 CC2a Maths Higher KO

Y9 CC2b Maths Foundation KO

Y9 CC2b Maths Higher KO

Y9 CC2c Maths Foundation KO

Y10 CC2a Maths Foundation KO


ICT Knowledge Organisers

Y10 CC2 Computing KO

Y10 CC2 Computing KO2



Y11 CC2b Computing KO

Communications Company

English Big Pictures

Y7 CC2 English BP

Y8 CC2 English BP

Y9 CC2 English BP

Y10 Cc2 English BP

Y11 CC2 English BP


French Big Pictures

Y11 CC2 French BP

Y7 CC2 French BP

Y8 CC2 French BP

Y10 CC2 French BP


English Knowledge Organisers

Y10 Cc2b English KO

Y11 CC2a English KO

Y11 CC2b English KO

Y7 CC2 English KO

Y8 CC2 English KO

Y9 CC2 English KO

Y10 CC2a English KO


French Knowledge Organisers

Y10 CC2 French KO

Y11 CC2 French KO

Y7 Cc2 French KO

Y8 CC2 French KO


Discovery Company


Science Big Pictures

Y7 CC2 Science BP

Y8 CC2 Science BP

Y9 CC2 Science BP

Y10 Cc2 Core Science BP

Y10 CC2 Triple Science BP

Y11 CC2 Core Science BP


DT & Food Big Pictures

Y7 Food CC1-4 BP

Y8 DT CC1-4 BP

Y9 DT CC1-2 BP

Y9 Food CC1-2 BP


Y10 CC2 Food BP


Y11 CC2 Food BP


Science Knowledge Organisers

Y7 CC2 Science Electricity KO

Y7 CC2 Science Energy KO

Y7 CC2 Science Organisms KO

Y8 CC2 Science Electricity KO

Y8 CC2 Science Energy KO

Y8 CC2 Science Organisms KO

Y9 CC2 Science Chemistry KO

Y9 CC2 Science Physics KO

Y10 Cc2 Core Science BP

Y10 CC2 Triple Science B7 KO

Y10 CC2 Triple Science B8 KO

Y10 CC2 Triple Science B9 KO

Y10 Cc2 Triple Science C7 KO

Y10 CC2 Triple Science P7 KO

Y11 CC2 Science B16 KO

Y11 CC2 Science B17 KO

Y11 CC2 Science B18 KO

Y11 CC2 Science P12 KO

Y11 CC2 Science P15 KO

Y11 CC2 Triple Science P136 KO

Y11 CC2 Triple Science B13 KO

Y11 CC2 Triple Science C14 KO

Y11 CC2 Triple Science Chemistry1 KO


DT & Food Knowledge Organisers

Y7 Food CC1-4 KO

Y8 DT CC1-4 KO

Y9 DT CC1-2 KO

Y9 Food CC1-2 KO


Y10 CC2 Food KO


Y11 CC2 Food KO

Lifestyle Company

Business Big Pictures

Y9 Business CC1-2 BP

Y10 CC2 Business BP

Y11 CC2 Business BP


Child Dev Big Pictures

Y9 Childcare CC1-2 BP

Y10 CC2 Childcare BP

Y11 CC2 Childcare BP


Drama Big Pictures

Y7 Drama CC1-4 BP

Y8 Drama Big Picture

Y9 Drama CC1-2 BP

Y10 CC2 Drama BP

Y11 CC2 Drama BP


Health & Social Care Big Pictures

Y9 Health CC1-2 BP




PE Big Pictures



Y9 CC1-2 PE BP

Y9 Core PE CC1-2 BP

Y9 Optional PE CC1-2 BP

Y10 Cc2 PE Sport BP

Y11 CC2 Core PE BP

Y11 CC2 PE Sport BP


Music Big Pictures

Y7 Music CC1-4 BP

Y8 Music Big Picture

Y9 Music CC1-2 BP

Y10 CC2 Music BP

Y11 CC2 Music BP 


Photography Big Pictures

Y9 Photography CC1-2 BP

Y10 Cc2 Photography BP

Y11 CC2 Photography BP 


Travel & Tourism Big Pictures

Y9 Travel CC1-2 BP

Y10 CC2 Travel BP

Y11 CC2 Travel BP


Business Knowledge Organisers

Y10 CC2 Business KO

Y11 CC2 Business KO

Y9 Business CC1-2 KO


Child Dev Knowledge Organisers

Y10 Cc2 Childcare KO

Y11 CC2 Childcare KO

Y9 Childcare Cc1-2 KO


Drama Knowledge Organisers

Y8 Drama KO

Y9 Drama CC1-2 KO

Y10 Cc2 Drama KO

Y11 CC2 Drama KO

Y7 Drama CC1-4 KO


Health & Social Care Knowledge Organisers

Y10 CC2 HSC Health KO


Y9 Health CC1-2 KO


PE Knowledge Organisers

Y9 Optional PE CC1-2 KO

Y10 CC2 PE Sport KO

Y11 CC2 PE Sport KO


Music Knowledge Organisers

Y8 Music KO

Y9 Music CC1-2 KO

Y10 Cc2 Music KO

Y11 CC2 Music KO

Y7 Music CC1-4 KO


Photography Knowledge Organisers

Y9 Photography CC1-2 KO

Y10 CC2 Photography KO

Y11 CC2 Photography KO


Travel & Tourism Knowledge Organisers

Y10 CC2 Travel KO

Y11 CC2 Travel KO

Y9 Travel CC1-2 KO



Social Design Company

Geography Big Pictures

Y10 CC2 Geography BP

Y10 CC2 History BP

Y11 CC2 Geography Big Picture

Y9 Geog CC1-2 BP


Humanities Big Pictures

Y7 CC2 Humanities BP

Y8 CC2 Hums BP


History Big Pictures

Y9 History CC1-2 BP

Y11 CC2 History BP


Sociology Big Pictures

Y9 Sociology CC1-2 BP

Y10 CC2 Sociology BP

Y11 CC2 Sociology BP


Psychology Big Pictures

Y10 CC2 Psychology BP

Y11 CC2 Psychology BP


Religious Studies Big Pictures

Y7 RS CC1-4 BP

Y8 RS CC1-4 BP

Y9 RS CC1-2 BP




Geography Knowledge Organisers

Y11 C2a Geography KO Y11

Y11 CC2b Geography KO

Y11 CC2c Geography KO

Y9 Geog CC1-2 KO

Y10 CC2 Geography KO


Humanities Knowledge Organisers

Y7 CC2 Humanities KO

Y8 CC2 Hums KO


History Knowledge Organisers

Y10 CC2 History KO

Y9 History CC1-2 KO

Y11 CC2 History KO


Sociology Knowledge Organisers

Y9 Sociology CC1-2 KO

Y10 CC2 Sociology KO

Y11 CC2 Sociology C&D KO

Y11 CC2 Sociology Strat KO


Religious Studies Knowledge Organisers

Y9 RS CC1-2 KO


Y7 RS CC1-4 KO

Y8 RS CC1-4 KO


Life Lessons

6th Form LL CC2 BP







Progress Maps


KS3 Stepping Stones Maths

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