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The Academy is: CLOSED

The Academy is open to vulnerable students and to the children of Key Workers only, providing that they have completed the declaration sent out, and where they have no other option. Where another option is available then please use this, if children can stay at home then they should do this to avoid the risk of infection.

As you will be aware from the latest news, the Coronavirus situation is ongoing and is being closely monitored. Public Health England has announced that places of education must close to the majority of students, and the Academy is managing this in liaison with the relevant authorities. We will continue to be vigilant and ensure the highest standards of hygiene are adhered to by our staff and students. We are not currently welcoming visitors to the Academy for the safety of the students and staff that we have working on site.

If the situation changes, we will of course inform you as soon as we are able. Please be assured that we are liaising with the relevant authorities, and are putting appropriate measures in place as advised, please check the Academy website daily for updates.

Please do not call the Academy unless absolutely necessary in order to allow our staff to prioritise care and supervision for the students that we have on site.

Lastest Home-Learning Work Packs

Education Otherwise is a charitable organisation which has been supporting home educated families for over thirty years.  You may find their booklet useful reading to assist you and your children with home learning.

We have been made aware of an issue involving the use of the Asda Vouchers that have been issued to our students who are eligible for Free School Meals.

 One of our parents visited Asda in Oldbury (Wolverhampton Road) and was told that she was restricted to purchase items such as water, fruit, milk and vegetables. 

 We are very sorry this has happened and extremely disappointed with the attitude of the staff member at Asda.  Dr Badyal has contacted Asda’s Head Office this morning and the Customer Service Team have apologised.  They will be sending out an email via their National Operations Team to ensure that all stores provide parents and carers with the food supplies they need (stock permitting).

 Please contact us immediately if you experience any further issues using your vouchers in Asda stores.

We have been advised by Sandwell Local Authority that there are a variety of email and text message scams which are targeting families since the COVID-19 outbreak. In particular, this week there have been a number of messages sent offering payments for Free School Meals (FSM), rent rebates, and tax refunds. In all cases, they ask parents/carers to click a link and enter their bank details to access the repayment. Please do not click these links or give your bank details to any sender of these texts/emails.

The Academy is sending vouchers to ensure that students who are in receipt of Free School Meals still have access to their meal entitlement from home.

It has been announced that this summer’s examinations will not be taking place, but that students will not be disadvantaged by this process.

The government has published this guidance in relation to exams:

You can see the most up-to-date guidance available from the NHS here: 

There is useful guidance available from the NHS on hand hygiene which can be found here:

Relevant information from the Department for Education that we have been asked to share can be found here: 

The latest guidance available from the government can be found here:

Please continue to report any concerns about our students as normal during this time; it is important, now more than ever, to look out for each other. Students can email BeBrave if they’re feeling anxious or have concerns.

There is helpful advice for parents/carers on digital safety here

Kooth is a really helpful organisation that can provide support for young people in their time away from the Academy.

The following document contains contact details for support with domestic abuse.

Seasonal Challenges

ClassCharts is our main platform for setting homework but also for parents and carers to check attendance, see positive Q-Points awarded and also be informed about detentions and behaviour incidents. It is available online and as a free app. If you need to know what your login is please email Mr Hamilton

Access ClassCharts

Hegarty Maths is a fun and interactive approach to improving maths skills. Developed by Colin Hegarty, World Teacher of the Year, it is changing the way our students revise and improve in the subject from Year 7 up to A Level. For login details please contact Mr Lees

Access Hegarty Maths

Achieve in Science is another platform for students in all year groups. Jam-packed full of exciting revision and learning activities, pretty much anything you’d want to learn in Science is here. Login information is available from Mr Patel.

Access Achieve in Science

Flash Academy is a brilliant app and online platform to learn new languages and revise modern foreign languages being studied at GCSE. It includes activities for reading, writing, speaking and listening to over twenty different languages. It obviously includes French as well as the GCSE subjects of Spanish and German. If your child has English as an Additional Language, there are lots of activities to help them improve their English too. Logins are available from Mr Smith.

Access Flash Academy

BBC Bitesize has been at the centre of online revision for as long as I can remember. All key stages, all topics and all abilities are catered for. No login is required.

Access Bitesize

Free access to ActiveLearn textbooks.

Pearson Active Learn

Google Classroom

Some teachers have created virtual classes and learning resources using Google Classroom.  If your teacher has issued you with a Google Classroom Invite Code then the following images will show you how to get logged in:

  • You have to sign in with your Academy email address; this is the account that the invite code would have been sent to and should end with The password will be the same password you use to access the computers within the Academy.  If you attempt to sign in with a personal Gmail account, the invite code will not be accepted.

  • Select I AM A STUDENT

  • In the top-right hand corner, click on the + icon and select Join class.  You will then be prompted to type in your invite code.  Once you have joined the class, it will be listed along with any others you have joined from the main Google Classroom page.

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