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Careers (Gatsby)

Careers Education

Ensuring that your son/daughter is well prepared for a successful career, Q3 Academy Tipton delivers a structured Careers Education programme which provides them with the skills, knowledge and understanding to manage their own lifelong learning and career development. Through careers education, information, advice and guidance, your son/daughter will be able to feel positive about themselves, develop the knowledge and skills needed to make successful choices and manage transitions in learning and move into work, alongside improving their motivation, raising their aspirations and taking responsibility for their career plans.

If you wish to support out students by being involved in the Careers Education programme, please contact us

Careers Lead:
Ms E Lakin
0121 521 1540 ext 1356

Next review: September 2020

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Policies and Information

Did you know that:

  1.  Career choice is one of life’s most important decisions.
  2.  Choosing a career that matches your son/daughter’s interest, skills and values significantly increases their chances for success and happiness.
  3. As a parent/carer you play a crucial role in guiding your son/daughter’s career choices
  4. Your son/daughter has access to impartial careers information, advice and guidance
  5.  Free resources are readily available to help your son/daughter make informed choices such as  web based support from sites such as icould
  6. There is a comprehensive list of web sites that you can access along with your son/daughter that covers all aspects of careers guidance and planning which can be used to supplement the individual guidance they will receive at the Academy. These are located in the ‘Careers Section’ of the Academy web site.
  7. Your son/daughter will have access to a structured programme of careers education that is accessible for all abilities and ages
  8. The careers programme incorporates work related learning activities, work experience, challenge days, visits to colleges, apprenticeship providers and universities alongside employer talks.

To support your son/daughter you can:

  • Support them when making decisions such as  choosing GCSE options, Post 16, Post 18 options
  • Encourage your son/daughter to develop their skills, raise their aspirations, pursue their interests and ambitions
  • Take part in activities such as work experience, mock interview day and attend careers information talks by businesses to raise awareness of opportunities and encourage self-development.

Our aim is to encourage parental/carer involvement at every stage of your son/daughter’s career development.  You are welcome to attend their careers guidance interviews in school by prior arrangement with a member of the careers team.   We welcome suggestions from parents/carers on how to improve the services we offer.

Useful websites:

Q3 Academies aims to build the gap between education and businesses, as we prepare students for the world of work and employment. We hold a range of events throughout the academic year. If you are interested in taking part in any of our events, please click here to express your interest.

How Q3 Academy Tipton measures and assesses the impact of the careers programme on its pupils
  • Pupil career surveys
  • Destination data
  • Work experience placements which enhance pupil CV’s
  • Employer evaluations for work experience placements
  • Compass audit is used to measure against the Gatsby benchmarks

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