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September 10, 2018

Welcome to our new school

Welcome to our new school I am absolutely delighted for us to have completed our first week at Q3 Academy Tipton. It is already proving to be a calm, purposeful and determined academy where children are punctual, smart and ready to learn. We welcomed Years 7 and 8 on Tuesday and Years 9 to 13 on Wednesday. Lessons have begun, with students focused and attentive, ambitious to achieve their best. By Monday 10th September we hope to have all our new signage erected and so we really will feel like a new school! I’d like to thank both the amazing site team here, and Stewart Hills of Q3 Academies for their dedication in getting us ready in time. There have been a few teething problems – as anyone would expect – but everyone has rallied around to resolve them. We have welcomed around 235 new Year 7 students into the school, 55 new sixth formers, and our numbers are still growing! As Q3 Tipton’s Head of School, I have enjoyed a fabulous week and the future looks extremely positive. Helping students to get things right Students should not wear coats or hoodies in their building at all. Fizzy drinks, especially energy drinks are not allowed on site. Large ‘value’ bags of crisps and snacks are also not allowed; we encourage students to bring healthy snacks for break times. Lunches are now split by year group, which means all children have more time and space: 12:15 – 12:45pm – Year 9...
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