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Bushcraft Trip updates

23.07.2019 14.05: Students on the Bushcraft Residential Trip have arrived safely and are settling in well!

24.07.2019 09.30: First night at Bushcraft was fantastic. Students are having a great time and are looking forward to some more adventures today.

25.07.2019 09.00: Students on the Bushcraft Trip are all well and have had a fabulous time!  They are expected to arrive back at the Academy around 4.30pm this afternoon.

Important Messages

Because of today’s hot weather, we have shortened the proposed one hour lunch for our New Y9 (current Y8) and New Y10 (current Y9) to 30 minutes and we will let them leave the Academy at 2:15pm. All other students will remain until 2:45pm. Should you need your child to remain on site please notify us.

Welcome to Q3 Academy Tipton.

Thank you for selecting Q3 Academy Tipton as the secondary school provider for your child. Vital information regarding your child’s year group is enclosed the following packs.
If you have any questions regarding the information contained within this pack, please do not hesitate to speak to someone on any of our intake evenings, or contact the Academy directly.

The Q3 Academy Family

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