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Merger Update

We are delighted to announce that formal merger of the Mercian and Q3 Academies Trusts was completed on the 1st May 2022. A message from our Chief Executive as follows.

Our Trust merger and transfer of the 3x Q3 Academies into The Mercian Trust is complete. We are now a family of 9 schools and more than 9,000 students.

We are not a one-size-fits-all Trust, we value the unique and rich character of each of our schools. But now, as one Trust, we move beyond simply cooperating and collaborating with each other to being a family, committed to one another, cheering each other on!

For the benefit of our students and the communities we serve we will drive improvement, foster innovation and provide mutual support to each other as we share knowledge, expertise and resources.

Best wishes,

Dan Parkes

Chief Executive

Remote Learning this week

Remote learning this week

Thank you to all the parents and carers of Years 7, 8 and 10 for your support with remote learning. All students returned today – but sadly not all staff have been well enough to return and we now have additional absences. Because we don’t have enough teachers to deliver lessons, enough Inclusion staff to cover all duties, and cannot obtain enough supply staff, we have little option for your child’s education and learning to move some year groups to remote learning this week again. Although we hope this will get us through the week, we may need to update these plans should additional staff be unable to come to work.

Year 7 – attend school every day

Year 8remote learning on Thursday only, in school Tuesday and Wednesday

Year 9remote learning on Tuesday and Wednesday, in school on Thursday

Year 10remote learning on Tuesday only, in school Wednesday and Thursday

Year 11  – attend school every day

Sixth Form  – attend school every day

A reminder that we break up at 3:05pm on Thursday for the Easter Break

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